Why every NGO should have a used wheelchair van

For those that did not know this just yet, NGO is the well used acronym for your non-governmental organizations. NGOs generally take on the work that government institutions cannot or will not manage or carry out. While government institutions, particularly within the health services industry have their budgets fixed every year, NGOs remain heavily reliant on the public for donations and funding. Many local NGOs, although they struggle, continue to soldier on.

This is good, and where would we be without them. There are people worse off and even more challenged than ourselves. There are disabled men and women and there are critically ill patients who need to be mobilized to and from critical areas of treatment and care. Many of them can just about get by in a wheelchair, always necessary for them. NGOs need specialized mobile craft to help these men and women.

But these specialist vehicles are frightfully expensive. Not all NGOs can carry the cost. Fortunately there are alternatives in the form of used wheelchair vans. And the men and women who run these operations are acting as though they were much needed non-governmental institutions themselves. These days, they remain on the lookout for even more second vans that other more privileged institutions no longer have a use for.

Such trucks are never destined for the scrapheap nor should they fall into the wrong hands. Dedicated mechanics stand by at all times to prepare the old vans for their special duties of transporting those who cannot get by themselves. Undoubtedly, given the people to whom they cater for, all or most non-governmental organizations could do with a wheelchair van or two. You could make a contribution too. Let them know the moment you see a neglected van parked somewhere.

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